Bikini Blast Phase 3
The Fitness Plan

Bikini Blast Phase 3

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The new and improved Bikini Blast Workout! Split in to 3 Phases so its easier to follow and understand, it includes the following:

  • A full detailed carbohydrate cycling routine (Weeks 9 – Weeks 12)
  • Easy to follow gym routine (Weeks 9 – Weeks 12)
  • Photos and a description of how to complete the workouts
  • Healthy and delicious recipes (Weeks 9 – Weeks 12)
  • Vegetarian food choices
  • Cardiovascular Workouts
  • Online Help when requires
  • Instant download and access to the plan

The Beach Body Ready Bikini Guide is broken down into working different muscle groups, 4/5 days of the week. It consists of workout routines for the chest, back, shoulders and finally, abs and legs. For the full effect and maximum progress, make sure that you follow the food and workout plan as much as you can!